About Us

  • Nicosia (male), software developer, lifelong student, geek, classicist, musician, tulpamancer. Close to being obsessed with his diary and commonplace book. Nicosia is not his real name; the pseudonym comes from a character he once met in a dream.
  • Greta (female), Nicosia’s tulpa. Enjoys just about everything and loves living through Nicosia without having to make too many decisions of her own. Currently working on writing a loosely organized memoir about Nicosia’s childhood. She is bit of a smart-ass and a stickler for detail, but also says beautiful and wise things with astonishing regularity. She changes her appearance around from time to time but usually looks something like this.

“I” refers to Nicosia unless otherwise noted; he is most committed to this project, and most writing is done in his voice. But Greta is involved too, and all the ideas you read here have a lot of her in them. Her direct thoughts, if quoted, are rendered in italics.

Greta’s full formal name is Margareta Isabella, and the name Margareta can be traced back to a Greek (and potentially from there to a Sanskrit) root meaning “pearl,” hence this blog’s title.

In the interest of preserving our anonymity, we occasionally withhold or change some details about ourselves and our stories. We try to consider the effect this will have on our message and select our changes appropriately.