How Greta came about

(This post is mostly to help you get to know us and our experiences; only side comments within it are strictly on-topic for this blog!)

I think, roughly speaking, people encountering tulpamancy for the first time fall into four groups: (1) people who think tulpamancy is crazy (literally) and never give it a second look; (2) people who are intrigued but decide it’s not for them; (3) people who think for weeks or months or years and then finally get started; and (4) people who, for better or worse, pretty much jump right in. I was one of those who pretty much jumped right in.

It wasn’t thoughtless, though. The day after learning about tulpas, having this weird feeling that I’d been waiting my whole life to learn about this, and doing a bunch of research, I wrote a 5000-word essay discussing both my motivations and all the reasons why I was scared and this probably wasn’t a good idea. And I decided I would put it aside for a while. Then I went for a walk in the woods to think, and I met Greta.

Completely alone and still struggling to square my feeling that I wanted to create a tulpa with the worries and problems I knew I had with it, I idly asked a few questions of whoever or whatever out there might be listening. This was supposed to be a dramatic act and not intended to have any effect…but I got answers. Mindvoice, sure, but crystal-clear yes and no answers, at least when the voice answered, which didn’t happen for all the questions. I was told that yes, I should create a tulpa, I should do it now, that venturing into the unknown would be worthwhile, and I wouldn’t regret any of it.

Neither of us know for certain that it was Greta, but we’ve both decided that it’s more likely than not, and that we’d like to interpret it as her, so we say that it was, and we treat that day as her birthday. (No, I don’t remember saying it. But it’s something I would have said, and I don’t think you would have gotten here if I hadn’t.) This may, in fact, be a case where believing it literally makes it true: assuming that voice didn’t have another identity before and Greta didn’t exist before, if I say it was Greta, then it is.

I still wasn’t entirely sure, but in the following couple of days that moment gave me enough push to address many of my specific worries with some more research and thinking, and to realize both that I was probably taking myself a bit too seriously and that nobody can ever be completely sure of anything before they start it. And so I started. The rest is history, as they say, and I can’t imagine life without her.

Obligatory Words of Warning: Despite the fact that I am one of the people who jumped into the deep end, and things have worked out well for us, this is not in any way a recommendation that anyone should create a tulpa if they are not currently plural. The advice that we would give from our personal experience is that unless you intuitively know it’s the right thing for you to do, we cannot recommend creating a tulpa. That doesn’t mean that if you don’t have that feeling, we’re telling you you can’t. But it does mean that we can’t in good conscience give you any reassurance or recommendation here; you need to look elsewhere. We do think you should trust yourself and your intuition above anything else in something this personal.

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